World Koshiki Karatedo Affiliation

In 1978, Masayuki Kukan Hisataka (Hanshi 9th Dan) designed new safety equipment called “Super Safe” to enable full execution of Punching, Striking and Kicking techniques in Karate without fear of injury. Together with a clear, fixed scoring system, a new revolutionary form of “Sports Karate” was developed. In 1980, the 1st International Friendship Koshiki Karatedo Championship was held at the National Yoyogi Second Gymnasium (Tokyo, Japan). National teams from countries including Canada, the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, India, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan and Hong-Kong took part in the event.

Mr. Shigeyoshi Matsumae (President of Nippon Budokan and Supreme Advisor to Tokai University at the time) was designated Tournament Chairman, while the Japanese Prime Minister at the time, Mr. Toshiki Kaifu, was present as Senior Advisor. This was the beginning of the World Koshiki Karatedo Federation. In 1981, the newly invented sport “Koshiki Karatedo” generated much excitement throughout Japan. Instructors and representatives from different Karate styles and circles gathered to create the “All Japan Koshiki Karatedo Association” (later changed to “All Japan Koshiki Karatedo Federation”). Various martial art competitors, ranging from full contact, non-contact, Bogu Karate, Nihon Kempo, Shorinji Kempo and Taekwondo, came together and held the first All Japan Koshiki (Contact) Karatedo Championship (with Mr. Tokuichiro Tamazawa, Parliament member and Former Chief Secretary of State for Defense, as Tournament President; Mr. Keizo Obuchi, the Japanese Prime Minister at the time, was present as Senior Advisor).

Our Jin Ryu Kan Martial Arts fighting system utilises the Super Safe protective Armour –

Features of Koshiki Karatedo

Koshiki Karatedo is a competition system that allows participants to understand the principles of a fighting match, combine safety with full power techniques and immerse in the true spirit of traditional Budo. Practicing Koshiki Karatedo develops mental strength, physical fitness and coordination, and martial prowess through efficient training of hand and foot techniques and body movement. By using “Super Safe” protective equipment, we can train without fear of injury and still execute full power punching (tsuki), kicking (keri), striking (uchi), and other hitting (ate) techniques. This allows one to truly get a sense of the techniques, an essential part of grasping the practical and healthful aspects of traditional Budo. Koshiki Karatedo is a “fair match system”, which allows and encourages competition among different martial arts styles such as non-contact Karate, full-contact Karate, semi-contact Karate, and others including Kickboxing, Nippon Kempo, Shorinji Kempo, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, and others.


Nicholas King

Martial Arts Bio

Commenced martial arts training at 6 years of age. First began training with my uncle who at the time was a high level Karate instructor and my father who was a decorated Boxer.

Have trained in martial arts all of my life and continue the journey still to this day. My current rank is 7th Degree Black Belt awarded to me in Tokyo Japan by Hanshi Hisataka 10th Degree Black Belt direct Samurai Blood line.

I have competed on the local , regional, state , National and International Level in Koshiki Which is a full contact Japanese Combat Sport and have captained the Australian Team on many occasions.

I have gained placings Internationally in Fighting , Kata (patterns) and martial arts demonstrations.

International Competition Time line

  • 1996 – Martial Arts World Cup Sydney Australia Bronze Medal
  • 1999 – WKKF World Titles Baltimore USA 2 x Silver Medals Black Belt divisions
  • 2000 – WKKF World Titles Sydney Australia 1 x Silver Medal 1 x Bronze Medal in Black Belt Open divisions
  • 2000 – WKKF Asian Pacific Championships Indonesia Silver Medal Black Belt Division
  • 2005 – WKKF Asian Pacific Championships Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2 x Gold Medals Black Belt Opens Divisions
  • 2007 – WKKF World Championships Montreal Canada Silver Medal Men’s Open Black Belt Division
  • 2009 – WKKF Tokyo Japan Prime Ministers Cup 1 x Gold Medal in Men’s Open Black Belt Division
  • 2012 – WKKF Oceania Cup Gold Coast Australia 2 x Gold Medals in the men’s Open Black Belt Divisions
  • 2013 – WKKF World Championships Zao Japan Bronze Medal in the Men’s Open Black Belt Division
  • 2015 – Queensland Brazilian Jujitsu State Championships 1 x Silver Medal
  • 2016 – Gold Coast Brazilian Jujitsu Championships 2 x Silver Medals
  • 2017 – WKKF World Championships London Ontario Canada 1 x Gold and 2 x Silver Medals in the Men’s Open Black Belt Divisions
  • 2019 – WKKF World Championships in Okinawa Japan 2 x Gold Medals in both Men’s Open Black Belt Fighting & Kata

I run my own full time Martial Arts & Fitness training facility and have been in business for 20 years.

Martial Arts Credentials

  • 7th Degree Black Belt in World Koshiki Karatedo
  • 5th Degree Black Belt in ITF Taekwondo
  • 4th Degree Black Belt in Shorinjiryu
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt in WTF Taekwondo
  • 4th Degree Black Belt in Jissen Budo
  • Level 1 Boxing NSW Coach through Boxing Australia
  • A Grade Referee with the World Koshiki Karatedo Federation
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